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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is also known as semi-permanent makeup, micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing. Permanent makeup is applied into the second layer of the skin using hypoallergenic pigments and therefore answers all our prayers- makeup that doesn’t wipe off! With our busy lifestyles and pressure to look and feel good at all times, permanent makeup has become a growing trend for ladies and men all over the world. Eyebrows, eyeliner and Lip liner/blush are the most popular and talked about treatments however we are able to do so much more as medical tattooing opens so many doors and different techniques to help people with personal issues such as Nipple/ areola loss, scalp and vitiligo camouflage, and micro-needling to soften scars.

All our permanent makeup treatments have a free consultation where we will discuss colours, shapes and the tattooing technique to how you would like your permanent makeup to be. Once we have prepared everything to meet your expectations we will tattoo. Topical anaesthetics are used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you. Once the tattooing has been done you will be advised on aftercare to get the best possible healed results. With all first-time permanent makeup procedures you will need to return after 6-8 weeks for your free touch up an appointment at this stage we will assess how well your procedure has healed and make little tweaks if they are needed to give you the best possible results. Now your treatment is complete you will be advised on how to look after your tattooed area for long-lasting results. You will need to return for a colour boost treatment to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh every 8-24 months, however, a majority of clients will return at the 12-18 month mark. From confidence to convenience permanent makeup is a perfect solution for all your needs.


Our most popular treatment here at “India Gillan Elite Permanent Makeup & Beauty” is eyebrow tattooing. Whether it’s because you have suffered from hair loss, fed up of drawing your brows on or just want a total brow transformation permanent makeup is perfect for you. We are able to create an ultra-natural effect by imitating fine hair strokes or something more glamorous using shading techniques. Whatever outcome you want we can create the perfect brow for you, that will frame your face beautifully and have a youthful eye lifting effect.


Lip blush is one of our most asked about treatments. With most people thinking it’s just a lip liner around your natural lips however the lip blush tattoo we do uses a mixture of liner and shading techniques to create the perfectly contoured lip. We are able to create an amazing shape that not all lips have by creating a crisp outline and the perfect Cupid’s bow to give you a youthful pout. The lip line is blended into the lip to create a wash of colour and permanent lip stained effect. Bring your favourite lip colour along and we can match up the best colour for you.


Is smudge proof eyeliner something you’ve always wanted? Permanent makeup can create a brighter, wider looking eye. With our lash enhancement treatment we tattoo throughout the lash line top and bottom in your desired colour to make your eye pop. Or you can opt for a more feline look with a slight flick and a thicker liner so you don’t have to reapply that perfect wing day in day out.


Medical tattooing covers such a wide variety from nipple/areola treatment to scalp and camouflage. We are able to restore something that has been removed such as the areola or make adjustments to where scaring or other conditions have created asymmetry such as a cleft lip. Paramedical tattooing is the most bespoke and will vary on each individual case so please get in contact for a quote.


Price List

 Brows (hairstroke/shading machine/blading) £350
 Lip Blush £300
 Eyeliner £330
 Lash enhancement £290

Paramedical £ available upon request

Colour Boost

8-11 months£150
12-18 months£180
19-24 months£210

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