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Top ten reasons to get Permanent Makeup

There are endless reasons why people opt for permanent makeup. However, in my three and a half years of being a cosmetic tattooing technician these are the most common reasons when I ask WHY?

  1. SAVE TIME – cut down on the tedious morning routine, without the need to apply eyeliner, lip liner/lipstick or the need to get those eyebrows symmetrical.  You will save a lot of time and worry. Life is always so busy balancing work, social and family time you will never be caught looking any less that amazing with cosmetic tattooing.
  2. SAVE MONEY – how many brow products do you buy every year? How many waxes and tints do you get? And still you don’t get your desired shape, enough hair, a natural look or for it to be wiped off every night. With permanent brows it is one payment per year to keep your brows in tip top condition with easy self manageable plucking around the perfect shape we created.
  3. CONFIDENCE – it’s amazing how perfectly defined lips, realistic looking brows or definition from eyeliner tattooing can boost a person’s confidence. If you are lacking hair because of an illness we can restore definition to your best features again. Sometimes you just need a permanent enhancement to make you feel beautiful from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.
  4. SENSITIVITY TO COSMETICS – it is so common that clients come to me with sensitivity to eye makeups and lipsticks causing dry lips. Permanent eyeliner will enable you to model a black liner without resulting in red, puffy, itchy eyes. With lip tattooing you are able to have full defined lips that are full of colour you can hydrate with your favourite lip balm and go.
  5. LOW MAINTENANCE – this will vary depending on your skin type and aftercare.  However, your microbladed brows, ombré brows, permanent eyeliner or lipstick will last about 12-18 months before maintenance is needed. That’s a year or more of no worrying!
  6. FRAME YOUR FACE AND LIFT YOUR EYES – brows really do frame your greatest asset! They lift your eyes and can balance out other facial features. A fuller more defined lip will give an anti ageing effect and give definition to the eyes makes them sparkle like diamonds. No wonder our clients leave with a big smile on their face.
  7. SMUDGE FREE – how many of you have the debate when it’s humid out, you go for a swim or you go to the gym if you should apply makeup or not. Problem is we feel naked and lack confidence without our eyebrows applied or definition to our eyes but we also run the risk or our makeup running or accidentally smudging an eyebrow up to our hairline. With micropigmentation we haven’t got to worry about showing the world our naked face because little do they know our best kept secret is permanent makeup!
  8. NATURAL ENHANCEMENT – permanent makeup enhances what god gave you in the most natural way. Microblading that looks like real eyebrow hair and lips that look a natural rose pink. It gives the illusion of perfection in the most realistic way.
  9. COVERS IMPERFECTIONS – for many it isn’t vanity that makes you take the plunge into permanent makeup – it is amazing at covering scars that create an imperfect lip line or unsymmetrical brow shape.
  10. PREVENTS POOR REAPPLICATION – without the need to keep reapplying your lip colour or your running eyeliner, permanent makeup prevents rushed and poor application. For those that aren’t confident at applying makeup because of poor eyesight or for many other reasons, you will have no need to worry; being in the hands of an expert, you will be sure to have the best cosmetic tattooing for you individually.

We’d love to hear your reasons.  Send me an email, text me on 07964 808529, or leave a comment on Facebook.

How do I book? 

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