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The guide to the perfect pout

Lips have been a growing obsession with girls of all ages since the Kardashians and their plump pouts have taken the world by storm. I am going to give you all my top tips and tricks when looking after my lips so they are always good enough to kiss along with details about the Lip Blush tattooing we offer here at “India Gillan Elite Permanent makeup & Beauty”.

Always Prep Your Lips

We all go to such lengths to look after our skin and we all tend to forget about our lips in order to prevent those crusty winter lips we must treat them with care lip tissue is very delicate after all. Some of our most favourite lip products do not have the best after effects on our lips I am not telling you to ditch your favourite matte lipstick or liquid lipstick however ensure you prep correctly. Even if you do not wear lip stick make sure you follow these two simple rules when spending a long day outside to avoided getting chapped lips. You must start by exfoliating your lips there are amazing lip exfoliators available at “Lush” and they come in a variety of flavours with bubblegum being my favourite. Alternatively you can make your own using sugar and honey to make a sticky scrub like formula this will work just as well and it’s a lot more cost effective. Place a generous amount on damp lips and using your finger make small circular motions to buff off any dead skin cells (ensure you don’t rub too hard and make your lips sore). Once this has been done it is now vital you moisturise wax based lip balms are always the best as they really soak into your lips and  I prefer a matte like balm instead of a Vaseline type consistency. “EoS” do amazing wax based lip balms and they come in the cutest containers and all the flavours are to die for. You are now ready to go especially if you have your lips tattooed or if you would like to add more definition and colour read the next steps.

Get The Shape Right

Size has become an unhealthy obsession with today’s lip trend and it is all too common I see people walking around with unnatural looking lips. Remember small, big or just lacking definition the most important thing about a perfect pout is the shape. Rule number one always use a sharp lip pencil for extra precision start getting the Cupid’s bow correct never draw straight across the Cupid bow gives the lips and natural pout and it is easily added if your lips lack it naturally. Carry on round the lips raising the sides being careful not to over draw too much a little bit for shape correction is fine but never ever go over the roll of your lip as then the light hits your lip differently and it’s is obvious your lips are not that big. Lastly blend that liner into the lip so it is faded towards the middle. Then apply your lipstick within this shape and your are ready to go.

Get The Shade Right

How many times do you ask people “what lipstick is that?” Then buy without trying? I am guilty of this myself. First we must think it looks amazing on her but will it look the same on me? This is totally dependant on our skin colour, hair colour and all of our facial features. A staple must have for every makeup bag is a nude and a red lip for an easy day to night look. One piece of advice when deciding is simply “trial & error” go to Mac and swatch the vast variety of colours on your arm then try your favourites on the lip, go outside your comfort zone because the colours that you wouldn’t look twice at may look amazing on you. My must have shades for are “faux” and “dangerous” when I go for reds I always go orange based or a deep dark red as the classic bright red lip makes me look washed out and that isn’t ever a good look so find the shade right for you.

Protect Your Lips

Advice I always give my permanent makeup clients is to protect it with high factor sunblock. This is also vital for all sunbed users and holiday goers your lips lose collagen when exposed to the sun and also will burn, to ensure your lips stay plump and you get no unnecessary permanent makeup fading use a moisturising lip protector of at least a factor 30 and don’t forget to keep reapplying throughout the day.

Lip Blush Tattooing

Available here, lip tattooing is an amazing treatment that saves a lot of time having to reapply your lip liner and lip stick. Lip tattooing is often confused with just being a lip liner type look or people have images of being stuck with a bright red everyday. Permanent makeup takes a natural approach to saving you time whilst looking amazing. We are able to get the perfect shape for you with the lip line being crisp and creating the perfect blush of colour. We have a huge variety of colours to choose from so whether it’s saving time reapplying your favour pink or you are after a natural colour but would like to recontour your shape we can meet all your needs with this treatment. Below shows the steps of lip tattooing and the healing process. Top left/right working down: before, after, day one, day two, day three, day four, one week and two weeks after fully healed before my clients touch up appointment. Lips heal very fast and give you long lasting results for the perfect pout 24/7!



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