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It’s been a hard few weeks working with the world in a state of shock and most in lockdown I’ve had to close the doors to my business for now! So I thought I would try and do regular blog posts to educate you all on the
treatments we offer… hopefully, I will meet some of you in the not so distant future. I put a post up on my Instagram so you guys could ask some questions about permanent makeup and this is what you all wanted to know…


What is the difference between permanent makeup & microblading?
Permanent makeup is an umbrella term for makeup tattooing, we often hear lots of terms used like microblading, ombré brows, combination brows, hair stroke brows and many more! Essentially they are all forms of tattooing yourombré brows, combination brows, hair stroke brows and many more! Essentially they are all forms of tattooing your brows. For myself, I offer three types of brows microbladed strokes, ombré brows (shading) and combo brows (strokes & shading). I personally tattoo all my strokes using a microblade which is a hand tool and I tattoo all shading with my digital machine so has a vibration behind it. I find this works best for myself and the results I get but each technician will work slightly different.

What do you prefer ombré brows or hair strokes?
I love tattooing strokes I love the creative side to it however I dislike doing strokes on the wrong type of brow or skin type when I know ombré will look better for example client with very coarse brow hair and clients with oily skin and open pores. Ombré brows will always heal and blend better however ombré brows scare a lot of people as they want natural-looking brows but trust me these can look just as natural and blend a lot better with a seamless finish!

Will I need to wax & tint my brows after?
Your brows will grow as normal so once you have healed for two weeks you can pluck, wax or thread your brows as normal and you have a lot less worry about when in your brow bar as they will have a shape to follow. Some clients may need to still tint their brows if you have particularly fair brow hair and want darker brows this will ensure they blend in perfectly!

I have blonde hair and fair brows can I have it done if I do not want dark brows?
Yes, I have over 20 colours to choose from permanent makeup is meant to look convincingly real so we want to give you a colour that suits you best with and without makeup we vary from light blond to ebony/brown.

Lip blush

Can I wear different colour lipstick on top after having them tattooed?
Yes lip stick will completely cover the lip tattoo however the base colour will show through a sheer gloss.

What colours are available… I love nude!
Anything from deep reds, mauve, pinks, oranges & nude bases the tones and colours can all be mixed to find the perfect shade just remember we cannot lighten your lips it must be darker or brighter than your natural lip colour. We then have to decide if you want a dense lipstick look, a sheer lip gloss look or halfway in between and this will be how pigmented your lip blush will be.

Is it just a lip liner?
No, I do not offer just lip liner all my clients have a lip liner and blended blush it looks a lot better and a lot more realistic trust me!

Can you make my lips look fuller?
Yes, for faint lips this is a great way to restore a fabulous lip line and make them appear fuller.


Do I have to keep my eyes open?
No, your eyes are closed all throughout the tattooing I will get you to open your eyes if I need to check in how we are getting in that is all!

Can I have it done if I have very watery eyes?
Of course, it’s the perfect treatment for people will sensitive eyes and your then completely smudge-proof.


If I have had it done before can I change the colour on my next appointment?
Yes, most certainly we all change our colour so we may need different coloured brows to suit or you may have a new fav lip colour you would like to replicate. Just make sure it has faded out enough and we can reselect a more suited colour.

How long does it last?
All permanent makeup lasts a different length of time for each individual depending on skin type, lifestyle and area treated however the most client will return for a colour boost every 8-24 months. Most of my brow clients come back every 10-16 months, most of my lip blush and eyeliner clients come back every 15-24 months.

How much does it cost?
For my first time clients (top-up included at 6-8 weeks)
Brows (ombré/microblading/combo) £350
Lip blush £300
Eyeliner £330
Colour boosts are for maintaining your tattooing
8-11 months £150
12-17 months £180
18-24 months £210

I hope this answered a lot for you… during this hard time for people please support small businesses share, like and comment on their content.

Thank you lovelies for reading.

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