Permanent makeup

I hope reading this will give you an insight into permanent makeup AKA semi permanent makeup, microblading, makeup tattooing, ombré tattooing or any other term you make have heard! Realistically they are all using tools either digitally or by hand to implant pigment into the skin that needs to be maintained every 8-24 months. Here at IndiaGillan Elite permanent makeup and beauty we offer permanent eyebrows using both blade and machine to create stroked fluffy brows, combi brows (blade and shading) and ombré brows (shading). We all offer permanent lip blush and permanent eyeliner to take away the mundane routine of reapplying your makeup everyday. 

Why is it so popular? 

With busy lives and a growing want to look our best the world had to come up with a solution to make our mornings easier and to look “ready to tackle anything” round the clock. The beauty of permanent makeup is it can be designed to suit you as a person if it’s to restore lost eyebrow hair or volume and colour loss in your lips to replicate a natural style or maybe to create a bolder more makeup worthy look we can do it.
With only a weeks downtime and very little pain it seems like a no brainer saving you time, giving you confidence and saving money over such a long period time. Due to the permanent nature of not rubbing off you haven’t got to worry for a whole year, then you will need to have them topped up to restore any fading.  

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