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Permanent Lip Colour: Lip Tattooing in Rochester

Permanent Lip Colour

Permanent lipstick, also referred to as permanent lip colour or lip tattooing, sounds like a dream come true right? Well let’s make your dream a reality because here at India Gillan Elite Permanent Makeup & Beauty we offer a cosmetic lip tattoo treatment. Permanent lip colour is the secret to a perfect pout 24/7.

How does it work?

Permanent makeup for lips isn’t a new thing, but with big social influencers such as Kylie Jenner and Amrezy we are more obsessed than ever to achieve a full pout. By creating a semi permanent lip liner we can create a fuller more defined and pleasing shape. We all want a crisp edge to our lips that can be lost due to ageing, smoking or often fades when you have lip filler. Once the permanent lip liner is tattooed we work on blending and shading your chosen colour into the body of the lip so the permanent lip makeup looks seamless. We will work together choose the best colour and shape to suit you, for the best everyday look. Colours can be ultra natural or you can be more adventurous with a great pop of colour.

What about the healing process?

Tattooing your lips for a permanent colour can be slightly uncomfortable; however we apply the best numbing creams so you are as comfortable as can be. The healing process for lips is super fast. Although at first your lips will look 70% darker/brighter than your desired colour, your permanent makeup for lips will be healed within 5-10 days. They will crust over and the top layer of skin will shed: while they are dry and tight you will be asked to apply a healing balm and this will sooth the area and keep your lips moist and prevent any infection. After a lip tattoo makeup treatment you will be expected to keep the area dry and clean to prevent infection. You should just drink through a straw and be extremely careful when brushing your teeth and eating. Swelling is expected but subsides in about 48 hours. Once your lips have healed they will appear much lighter in colour than expected and sometimes virtually not there at all!  But after a week or two the colour will settle and darken up to your chosen shade. Here are some photographs of what the healing process looks like.

permanent lip colour: lip recovery after treatment India Gillan Rochester Kent

How do I book? 

The price for your perfect lips is £350 and that includes your top up 8 weeks later.

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