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India Gillan - eyebrow tattooist

India Gillan

Elite permanent makeup artist, medical and eyebrow tattooist, LVL lash technician and Dermatude skin specialist. India who was born in 1995 decided once she left school after completing her a levels she would pursue her dream in becoming an entrepreneur. After going back and fourth with ideas in order to find her passion she set her heart on something that was based around the high end beauty industry. Endless research took place as India was adamant she wanted to put her artistic flare with makeup to good use once she got into contact with the Nouveau Contour team there was no looking back it was just the perfect job for her. India was excited to build a business based around professionalism, talent and reputation alone. India couldn’t wait to combine her passion of makeup with such a long lasting confident boosting treatment. She definitely knew it wasn’t an easy route job so India spent hours and days on end practising the perfect hair stroke pattern and blending in lips that appear seamless. After completing all her training and making a great reputation for herself she is often referred to as India the eyebrow tattooist as this is her most popular treatment and what she is well known for.

After 18 months of hard work India gained her elite status and now has many more treatments to offer such as Dermatude meta therapy, microblading, micro needling, LVL lashes and 3D-Lipo. She takes pride in only offering her clients the best treatments with the best possible results. India now thoroughly enjoys attending masterclasses with well known, worldwide technicians to offer her clients only the best most up to date skills and products. for her the training will never end “in order to be and expert one must always be a student”. To keep up to date with what courses and new treatments India offers in permanent makeup keep an eye on her blog and facebook page.

Joanne Gillan

Joanne Gillan has been with India Gillan Elite PMU & Beauty since 2018 she is the lovely lady that books you in for your appointments and organises everything on busy clinic days for India. Without Joanne we wouldn’t be able to fit you all in the way we do and offer on going support to all of our patients before and after treatments.

Joanne has had a back ground of hairdressing since she was 16 years old so loves trying out new beauty and aesthetic treatments to look her best. She also has a huge bias towards India to always be on top form and be the best she can for you all due to their mother and daughter relation. There is no better support system and cheer leader than a mother, right?