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Ombré eyebrows

What are ombré eyebrows?

Ombré (meaning “shaded” in French) is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another. It has become a popular feature for hair colouring, eyebrow tattooing and nail art.

Ombré eyebrow tattooing creates shaded brows that have seamless shading to create a powdered effect. Here at “India Gillan Elite Beauty,” India offers the ombré technique as an alternative to hairstrokes. This is because it isn’t one eyebrow fits all and India wants to keep her natural techniques at the centre of her transformations. Ombré is a shaded brow with more depth and a much more natural appearance than a solidly coloured brow that can appear very flat on the skin. By creating an ultra-defined brow underneath, it gives you a snatched brow that still looks fluffy as it fades out in all the right places.

Who is ombré eyebrow tattoo best suited for?

Ombré eyebrows are best suited for clients have have extremely oily skin because hairstrokes tend to blur on this skin type.  Regular sunbed users and sun worshippers are also more suited to this technique. Ombré is also a style which is preferred for those with coarse thick eyebrow hair. This is because the ultra fine strokes that are created with the microblade won’t blend in so a background shading will add depth that is bold enough to blend throughout. Despite ombré brows looking bold immediately after treatment they always heal really naturally with no harsh edges. If you want your brows on fleek you don’t want to miss this time saving treatment that will give you the permanent eyebrows you’ve always dreamt of.

How long do they last?

Once your complete treatment has been carried out (first procedure and 6-8 week top up), you are looking at needing a colour boost every 8-24 months.

How much are they?

Ombré eyebrows cost £350 and this includes the touch up appointment. Colour boosts cost between £120-180.

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