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Microblading- India Gillan Elite Permanent Makeup &a Beauty
What is microblading? 

K.B pro brows is a a finely tuned Microblading treatment pioneered by Karen Betts and her Elite Team which uses a specially developed hand tool, referred to as the K.B Pro hand glider.  This new treatment India offers here at “India Gillan Elite Permanent Makeup & Beauty” is a slightly different technique to the traditional way of achieving permanent brows however it is still very much a form of tattooing. The pigment is implanted into the skin using a handtool instead of a machine so we can achieve the finest hairstroke brows. Channels are created using the finest needles for the pigment to settle in, this creates the most realistic looking eyebrows in the perfect shape and colour for you! It is often referred to as “eyebrow embroidery” because of its fine detail.

How long do they last?

Microbladed eyebrows lasts the same amount of time as machine brows as the pigment is implanted into the skin at the same depth for it to be able to have such long lasting results. Once the first procedure has been done you will be due a top up at 6-8 weeks to ensure your brows are perfect. You will then be due a colour boost every 8-24 months to ensure your brows stay perfect 24/7.

Does it hurt? 

All micropigmentation procedures tattooed brows, smudge proof eyeliner and lip blush tattoo are numbed before and during the process to make it as comfortable as possible for you. It is often described as a little scratching sensation and some people even say it is relaxing.

When will it be available here?

Microblading realism eyebrows are available here and it has quickly become the most popular eyebrow tattooing technique used on my clients.

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microblading by India Gillan Rochester

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