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Microblading Masterclass – Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect…

Microblading Masterclass

What a overload of information last week was! As many of you may know I love to keep up with the latest training courses in permanent makeup to keep my skills up to scratch for my clients. Last week I attended the Microblading Masterclass by Ksenija Karabegovic where she taught her three methods of doing Extreme Microblading. We had 48 hours of talking about the latest equipment, healing methods, techniques and anything of any importance in this industry. I’m not sure we could have uttered the words brows, microblading or Prosecco anymore in two days if we tried! We are a bunch of women after all!

This was my first masterclass in microblading and I am so shocked at how much I had learnt. I am always after pushing myself to better things but I didn’t quite realise the importance of staying relevant; this course has given me so much to think about when doing my permanent makeup. The smallest tweaks can make such a difference to my work so I am excited to bring all my new knowledge to the studio.

Improved healing

Firstly the obvious thing that has changed in our clinic is my aftercare: we are ditching the coconut oil and now trying our best to minimise the scabbing for you all. By cleaning the area often and applying skin jelly that cannot disturb the pigment, the healed results should see a vast improvement. It will also be less itchy and less likely to detect the scabs formed. After testing this on a few clients I am so excited to now get you all on my new aftercare routine.

New microblading pigment range

I have also invested into a new pigment range specially for microblading and I’m often testing new handtools so I can easily select the right one for your skin type.

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Lastly a new stroke pattern: this can often be the hardest thing for a technician to break. The term “stuck in old ways” comes to mind. However Ksenija’s style is broken down into easy steps that actually improve my own style of strokes so much. My aim is still natural fluffy brows but now trying to improve that and give you more realism than ever.

I want to be the best artist I can be for you all to have beautiful brows and be in love with your permanent makeup. I won’t stop training, practicing and striving for more to give you the best.

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