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Over the last few years microblading has become increasingly popular in the beauty and aesthetic industry but what exactly is it… Like permanent makeup digital method microblading inserts pigment into the skin to most often to create little strokes to imitate a realistic brow in the shape you would like. The real big difference being is it is done using a disposable hand tool made up of tiny little needles in a line formation to create a blade like look. This blade is dipped into the pigment and scratched along the skin to artistically create little strokes to look like your real eyebrows with undetectable hair like lines. 

Depending on your technicians skills or signature look your brows can look super fluffy and natural or extremely defined for a stronger look. With the longevity of permanent makeup and microblading you can achieve your desired shape and colour for up to 24months however most people will have their brows maintained every 12 months to keep them looking perfect. 

Microblading is becoming a hugely spoken about topic however how well do you understand the process and costs involved? Most do not so before you go ahead and book that appointment do your research but for the time being let me give you some information to help. 


When getting your brows microbladed for the first time the cost will be more expensive as you will need to make two visits roughly 6 weeks apart. On your first appointment, you will be pre number and number throughout the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible for you (some of my clients even doze off). We will then discuss what look you want and how we are going to create the perfect brow for you also how realistic it is to achieve those results as sometimes other techniques may be recommended to your skin type and style desired. Your brows will then be mapped out and colour is chosen once they are drawn into the shape we desire after careful planning and perfecting we will be ready to go. Your brows will then be microbladed and revealed to you (my favourite part). 

Once you return after 6 weeks we are able to make your brows perfect fill in any gaps that didn’t heal as well as expected and we are able to make colour alterations or slight shape changes if required because you need to remember every person heals differently so it’s best to play it safe! 

£350 for brows including the top-up 


Always remember to follow the aftercare religiously and always follow what is recommended by your technician each person will use different healing techniques and you must trust they know what works best for the way they tattoo. Mine requires cleaning with sterile water and applying vaseline at various intervals for one week alongside keeping them dry and away from all cosmetics and high or low-temperature extremes. 


After some time you will notice your brows are faded although not completely gone they will lose some shape and colour this is when you are due for a colour boost in this procedure we will review how you would like your brows and select the same or a different colour and shape to re do your brows. Then your good to go once healed for another 8-24 months. 

8-11 months £150 

12-17 months £180 

18-24 months £210 

You do not need to return for a top-up however if you feel your brows need that as they have some gaps you can do so for a small additional charge. 

MIcroblading near Me | India Gillan Elite Beauty

The most important thing is to choose a technician that is well respected done lots of training and has plenty of professional photos immediately after and healed alongside genuine reviews. Never go for cheap this is your face and after all, brows are the most important thing to compliment all your beautiful features. 

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