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LVL Lashes: the treatment that promises a natural boost to your lashes

If you’re fed up with eyelash extensions, glued on false lashes or simply the daily application of mascara then LVL Lashes are a definite yes for you. We are therefore delighted to introduce Nouveau LVL Enhance Eyelash Treatment at our Rochester Salon.

What are LVL Lashes?

LVL stands for Length Volume Lift leaving the resulting LVL Lashes to speak for themselves.  And it only takes about 40 minutes for instant results and six to eight weeks of mascara-free eyelashes.


Our specially trained therapists will naturally undertake the LVL Lashes treatment, but some preparation is required beforehand to ensure against any adverse reaction in the salon.  Two days before your LVL Lashes appointment you will need to do a test at home on each of the products used in the treatment.  But it’s simple; all you have to do is rub a bit of each of the solutions and serums into your shoulders then cover the treated area with a plaster for 48 hours.  Similarly, to patch test the tint a tattoo-like sample is provided for you to press into the inside of your arm during the same time period.

Relaxing Environment

Two days later, and once you are comfortably settled in the relaxing surroundings of our salon in Rochester, your dedicated therapist will begin your LVL Lashes treatment. First the lashes are cleaned.  Then a shield is placed over the lower lashes to protect them from the perming solution to be applied later to the upper lashes.  Now all you have to do is lie back, relax and shut your eyes for the remainder of the LVL Lashes treatment.

Length, Volume, Lift and Tint

Your therapist will then comb out the lashes and place silicon shields on your eyelids.  There are three shield options: small for maximum lift, medium for medium lift and large for least lift.  The lashes will then be gently pulled over your chosen shield size before the perming solution is applied to the roots of the lashes to give volume.  After ten minutes a setting serum is applied to the roots to straighten the lashes; after a further five minutes the lashes are ready for tinting.  Finally a moisturising serum completes the process by easing your new LVL Lashes from the shield.

The Benefits

LVL Lashes are natural-looking, convenient, painless and smudge-free.

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