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The world has gone lip crazy: whether its hydrated lips like Margot Robbie, plump lips like Angelina Jolie or the ultimate lip transformation like Kylie Jenner, we all want a smooth kissable pout. We eat with them, talk with them, smile with them and kiss with them. Lips are a pretty important feature on our face but most us lack fullness or are unsymmetrical. With lip fillers we can build a bigger, plumper lips to restore youth create a better shape and even reconstruct the lip contour.

What are lip fillers?

Dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid aka HA that is injected to create plumpness (fill the area). This particle is naturally in our bodies and gives moisture to our skin. It holds its weight in water up to 400 x so it’s key to keep extra hydrated so the molecule can absorb as much as possible. Younger skin is full of HA however over time it decreases which causes slack skin, lips will start to thin, lose volume and therefore lack definition.

How long will my lip filler last?

This is totally dependent on the person’s lifestyle, filler type used and metabolic rate. On average the filler will last 3-9 months, however it is commonly thought that the more filler is built up over time the longer it will last.

How many mls will I need?

This is a similar question to how long is a piece of string… it totally depends on how the product sits in your lips, what the starting canvas is and where about you visualise ending. Always be prepared to build up lip filler as a lot of the time big transformations will take a few sessions. Once the shape and size is built to your desired look maintenance is then to top up with half or a full ml every so often.

Will it hurt?

A topical anaesthetic is used beforehand for 15 minutes to help take the edge off the initial discomfort. The high quality filler brands used also contain lidocaine which helps ease the pain of the injection to makes it as comfortable as possible.

Will my lips swell?

Everybody will react slightly differently to lip filler but typically people will have significant swelling for the first two day this can be reduced by icing the area and taking non drowsy antihistamines. Bruising can also occur there are so many little veins and capillaries in the lips therefore its near on impossible to avoid them each and every time when injecting although slow injecting techniques are used to avoid this as much as possible. The bruising and softening of the filler will take upto 2 weeks and you much leave it this length of time between sessions.

Lip fillers cost?

Juverderm, restylane, teosyal… other fillers can be used upon request.
1ml £220
5ml £170

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lip fillers rochester

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