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Lip filler had been a growing trend over the last 6 years and most people know at least one if not lots of people that have a helping hand with lip volume! Despite it being a common treatment the ins and outs are not often spoken about due to keeping it discreet or just not knowing who to ask for the most accurate answers. I am going to answer some frequently asked questions so you are not going into your lip filler treatment blind!

Does it hurt?
This can totally depend on the person’s pain threshold for most people the first few injections feel like a sharp scratch and then you will start to numb from the inside so you will feel very little. The area is number with topical anaesthetic and we use breathing techniques in the most sensitive areas to make it as painless as possible for you.

How much filler do I need?
This varies from person to person if you would like to build size, I would recommend 1ml, this doesn’t mean just one 1ml treatment will get you the end results you are wanting or even give you big lips as if you are wanting to build significant size you may need multiple treatments building up over time is the best way to keep your lips looking naturally enhanced! Some of my clients may only require a hydrated look, a top-up to maintain size or an asymmetry correction to their lips therefore 0.5 ml of product is enough to achieve the results they want.

How long does it last?
This again varies sure to a persons lifestyle and metabolic rate of how fast you break down the filler but typically from 3-12 months. Also, I’ve found the longer my clients have been having filler the longer it will last.

I want a natural result and see a lot of fake-looking results… is natural possible?
Of course, duck lips, sausage lips and filler that looks outside the border are normally due to too much too quick, bad filler placement and just want too much for that person so the filler migrates. My favourite results are naturally enhanced lips shape is always more important than size this way we can keep natural contours that lip should have and make them look perfect for you as an individual. I like using a tanning technique along with tenting to keep the lips flatter and inside the pink of the lip anyway a defined Cupid bow is what we all want right?

Can lip filler help my smokers lines?
This is such a common question and smokers lines are not the easiest to treat over time your lips volume decreases as we lose collagen and elasticity and we can end up with smokers lines most commonly caused but smoking, drinking from straws or possibly a lot of puckering up and kissing, haha.

Lips filler helps to restore volume into the lip therefore the skin around the mouth won’t crease quite so easy. This will soften the lines around the mouth we can also use anti-wrinkle injections to push the results even further in order to diminish those lines.

How much does it cost?
1ml £220
1.5ml £170

Please get in contact if you have more questions about lip filler and we will be happy to help.

Thank you and stay safe xx

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