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Permanent eyeliner. What are my options?

Why Permanent eyeliner?

There are endless reasons people are opting for a permanent eyeliner. It is not only one of the most convenient permanent makeup treatments but it can save you lots of time and worry. With 4 years of experience in the field, the most popular reasons my clients opt to have eyeliner tattooing are as follows…

To make those eyes sparkle!

Having a darker lash line or an eye opening flick can make all the difference every morning when you wake up. You will instantly look wide awake even if you don’t feel it!

Sensitivity to cosmetics

Our eyes are a very delicate area and it can be hard to find eyeliners and mascaras which our eyes can cope with on a daily basis. So on your makeup-free days you can still feel your best.

Saves time on poor application

Let’s face it: getting the finest line along those lashes is a challenging task; and to get the wings even can sometimes be a lost cause especially when your eyesight isn’t 20/20. To have perfectly applied eyeliner everyday can be one less thing to worry about.

Smudge and waterproof is the dream

If you have watery eyes or want to jump into the pool on holiday you don’t have to worry about rocking panda eyes.

Lash enhancement and Latino eyeliner

Eyeliner tattooing can be ultra natural with what we call a lash enhancement to just give your eyes definition. For those of you who don’t like sharp edges, you can go for a smokey eyeliner and you can opt for a feline flick to lift your eyes (also known as Latino eyeliner).

To discuss what eyeliner would suit you and the colours that would bring the best out in your eyes please book in for a free consultation.

Lash enhancement £290
Eyeliner £330
(6-8 week touch up included)

For more details on our treatments, visit our treatments page.

If you’d like to book a free consultation, please call, email or Contact us on social media…

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