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Eyebrows have become a growing trend for women and men all over the world but sometimes getting your eyebrows on fleek isn’t easy! Did you used to get a little tweezer happy or maybe had a waxing accident and then they just never grow back quite the same. We have all been there! Pencilling your brows everyday is a boring repetitive routine that we could do without. One day you are looking like you’ve stepped out of Gucci and the next Poundland. Not to mention getting your brows to stay on when you are on holiday or at the gym, they just melt off of your face instead. This is never a good look!

Well look no further at “India Gillan Elite Permanent makeup & Beauty” we offer eyebrow tattooing to suit everyone. If you have always dreamt of waking up with full shapely brows or maybe brows that are even with an arch to the gods you need permanent makeup. All colours and shapes are totally bespoke to you we are able to mix the perfect golden blonde or chocolate brown to suit your skin tone and hair colour. We can work together to also get you the perfect shape that compliments all of your facial features and lifts the eye (because we could all do with that). The only hard decision to make is to go with hairstroke or ombré, I am going to give you a breakdown of both techniques and who they are most suited for to make your choice a little more straight forward…

Hairstroke Eyebrows


HAIRSTROKE brows are perfect for my clients that lack eyebrows for those that suffer hair loss or just have natural sparse none existent brows. We are able to totally recreate brows of any shape using ultra fine hair strokes to imitate the real thing. I use a micro singular needle to make a realistic eyebrow in the best shape and colour for you. These extremely natural brows are amazing for my clients that want to turn back time to before they over plucked, the thinning process happened and maybe to the natural brows in their dreams.

Ombré Eyebrows

OMBRÉ brows

If you are after a more glamorous look then maybe OMBRÉ are a better option for you, a lot of people automatically think blocked brows once I mention they are shaded but this is not the case. Ombré takes a soft approach to shading so they heal with no harsh edges especially as they are faded out towards the front and top of the brow. These are best suited to my clients with a dense brow and just want little tweaks to the shape to make the brows perfect with a background powdered effect.

Both brow techniques are amazing everyday looks and will look fantastic with and without makeup for those glam Saturday nights and a lazy Sunday look. If you are still in limbo as to what will suit you best pop over to the gallery or Facebook page to look at more pictures alternatively come in for a consultation where we can advise the best technique for your skin type and over all look.

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