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Eyebrow tattooing and permanent makeup: everything you need to know

Eyebrow tattooing Rochester Kent.

Do you make brow contact before eye contact? If so you are probably like the majority of women these days but getting perfect eyebrows is a big thing right? Yes, we have been through all the crazy, hideous eyebrow phases way too thin, too dark, too thick, too close together, too wide apart you name it we have probably all done it! But now we really have perfectly groomed brows on point. Natural is best but not all of us are blessed with a lot of eyebrow hair to work with or brows of the right colour. That’s where eyebrow tattooing comes into action. It imitates natural hair growth to give the most realistic results in the best shape and colour for you. It isn’t as painful, fake or invasive as it sounds, though. Read on to find out more… 

What is eyebrow tattooing?

Also known as semi permanent makeup, microblading or micropigmentation eyebrow tattooing has taken the world by storm in these last five years. With the desire to achieve a fluffy Cara Delevingne style brow or a perfectly groomed Kim Kardashian eyebrow cosmetic tattooing can offer you just this even with the smallest amount or no brow hair at all. Eyebrow tattooing implants pigments into the deeper layers of the skin to create a long lasting result we use a variety of needles, colours and techniques to create your desired look. For a shaded ombré brow that heals to a powdered effect India would use her tattooing machine that is specially for permanent makeup to create a seamless eyebrow with no harsh edges. For a hairstroke feathered effect brow India would use a handtool method called microblading to achieve the finest strokes. 

What is the aftercare? 

Once you have your perfect eyebrows you must take good care of them throughout the healing process. Redness, slight swelling, itching and soreness is normal for the first 48 hours after semi permanent eyebrows. To ensure the best healed results you must avoid getting the area wet for one week and avoid all makeup and creams to the area until healed. You will be given an aftercare cream to ensure you don’t get any infections and your skin is kept safe throughout the healing process. Direct sun including sun beds must be avoided for 2 weeks. However to keep your perfect eyebrows in tip top condition you must continually protect with a tattoo friendly sun block when in direct sunlight. Creams containing any acids or anti ageing agents must also be avoided directly over your tattooed eyebrows to prevent long term fading. 

How do I book? 

Brows are £350 and that includes your top up 6-8 weeks later. A booking fee must be secured to make an appointment. 

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