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Bringing together your job and your passion… 

You are a long time working so to many including myself it’s just not worth being unhappy at work, we leave education at around 18 and retire at around 65 that is 47 years we spend working for a better future. So why not spend 47 years loving what you do and what makes you happy, you should enjoy the journey instead of waiting for the day you reach the top.
I went through school thinking in my head I must do what I’m good at so I always wanted to become an accountant it wasn’t until I went on a work experience program that I realised that job route wasn’t for me. Yes it was daunting at the time to be 17 and not having a clue what I wanted to do when I once thought I was certain but I spent this well earned time finding my passion and finding a way to combine that with a prosperous career. Once I had established more about myself and what makes me internally happy the rest fell into place, I realised a personal passion and importance for me throughout life was CONFIDENCE and feeling amazing was the key to all of that.
I have always had an obsession with makeup and the way you can transform yourself into someone totally new just for one night or one special event. However for me this wasn’t good enough I wanted something that gave long lasting confidence the sort you have as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Once I discovered permanent makeup I instantly fell in love with the image it represented… making the best version of yourself, totally bespoke, long lasting and to give people the confidence to feel incredible again. The rest is history for me it didn’t take me long to find what made me tick I was just 18 when I started cosmetic tattooing and set up my business however if you are 16 or 35 it is never to early or to late to quit that job that makes you unhappy and start over with something that brings happiness into your life because if you have passion, dedication and determination will come naturally to you. No matter how big or small your dreams may be just make them come true.
I cannot describe the satisfaction I get from being a permanent makeup artist for many of you I just fix eyebrows and save people time getting ready but to me and many of my clients it’s so much more than that. I’m able to make cancer victims, alopecia suffers and people that have other medical issues feel human again, to enable them look in the mirror at their new eyebrows or areola reconstruction and feel beautiful. Even my clients that have permanent makeup for convenience I am able to make them feel confident when they wear no makeup because in the world we live in today where there is so much pressure to look good at all times it’s isn’t easy.
I hope you all find the love for your job I have and remember anything in your life that does not make you happy no longer serves a purpose.



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