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Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections in Rochester.

Anti-wrinkle injections (also referred to as botulinum toxin or Botox®) is used mostly to improve lines on the face but also has other benefits as well. Here, I will answer the most commonly asked questions about anti-wrinkle injections.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

With a series of small injections into the areas being treated, small units of toxin are released to block signals to the relevant muscles. After 10-14 days the muscles are paralysed to limit or stop movement in that area therefore fine lines and wrinkles caused by expressions are not present.

When is a good age to start having anti wrinkle-injections?

There is no right answer here: providing you are of a legal age (18+), the collagen break-down causing lines is totally dependent on genes, lifestyle, how active the muscles are, health, skin care and many more reasons. A deciding factor would be down to personal preference as different amounts can be used depending on the starting canvas and the desired result. However there is a cut-off point with getting completely smooth results as anti-wrinkle injections do not fill the skin – it just limits the movement of the muscles behind.

How often would I need it done?

Everyone responds slightly different to anti wrinkle injections so the results can last differently on each person. However the most often frequency is every 3 months and most people would have it every 3-6 months to keep to their desired results. Some even use anti-wrinkle injections as a freshen-up once a year for example in the summer to prevent squinting in the sun and lessen sweating.

Will I look worse than before if I stop having anti-wrinkle injections?

No.  This isn’t possible due to the fact you cannot over express to form deeper lines. Your skin and muscle movement will just return to its natural look like before the treatment was done.

What other benefits do anti wrinkle injections have?

Apart from confidence levels due to looking amazing with a smoother skin surface it can help lessen sweating from the area and is commonly used for people that suffer from tension headaches/migraines.

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

1 area £160 (crows feet / frown)
2 areas £200 (crows feet & frown / frown & forehead)
3 areas £240 (crows feet, frown & forehead)

How do I book for anti-wrinkle injections in Rochester?

Prior to your first anti-wrinkle treatment a prescription and health check must be arranged. The doctor regularly comes into India’s to run a health check clinic. So please check for dates.

Contact India Gillan Elite Permanent Makeup and Beauty on 07864 808529 to make an appointment.

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