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Long Term Care of Permanent Makeup

Aftercare tips from India Gillan Semi Permanent Makeup in Rochester, Kent

The most popular answer to “why do you want cosmetic tattooing?” Is to save time. The longevity of eyebrow tattooing, permanent eyeliner and permanent lipstick is the biggest benefit of permanent makeup. The low maintenance alternative to conventional makeup is amazing however there are factors that could cause premature fading therefore you must follow long term aftercare to keep your eyebrows and lip blush defined. By following the correct advice once your permanent makeup has healed will enable you to save money and you will be able to leave a longer gap between colour boost appointments. Which are usually required every 12-18 months.

The time scale in which your semi permanent makeup will fade varies because of factors we can’t control such as skin type, age, personal habits/health, pigment used and the natural healing process of the skin. So there are some important rules to follow to slow down the fading process and maintain the desired colour and tone of your cosmetic tattooing for longer. Remember, lighter colours will fade faster than darker ones.

  • Aftercare- following the correct aftercare is vital for getting the best healed results possible, you will get a list of do’s and don’ts and these will vary from technician to technician. Trust that your chosen permanent makeup artist knows the best aftercare for her clients! You will then return after 6-8 weeks for your touch up appointment: this enables you to assess how you have healed and make necessary adjustments to make your tattooed makeup perfect. The gaps will be filled that can be lost throughout the healing process. Once you are fully healed it is then down to you to follow the long term care advice.
  • UV exposure- despite all the beneficial effects that the sun has on our skin, it also speeds up the fading of permanent makeup. Excessive sun exposure or using sunbeds can often cause a fast unstable fading of the pigment in your skin. So if you are out in the sun or are using a sunbed it is advised to use a high factor suncream. For the best protection you should use at least SPF 30 containing zinc – this can be purchased as a cream or stick for easy application.
  • Skincare- anti ageing creams: despite the obvious benefits these creams have, they are cosmetic tattooing’s worst enemy. Anything that targets anti ageing, pigmentation, acne or contains glycolic or fruity acids will play havoc with permanent makeups longevity. Avoid applying at-home skin care products to your tattooed area and also remember to remind beauticians that are carrying out treatments on your skin to avoid the area.

To summarise, even though we can predict that your microblading, permanent brows or tattooed lipstick will last 12-18 months before a colour boost is due it is ultimately down to your lifestyle, skin type and following the correct aftercare. However by following these simple rules you will ensure to get as long as possible out of your low maintenance treatment.  For more information, check out our info page.

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  1. Thanks for your tips about minimizing UV exposure to ensure the longevity of permanent makeup. I find myself in the sun a lot for my kids’ football games, so I will need to look into different sunscreens and shading methods. I definitely want my makeup to look great for as long as possible!

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