India Gillan permanent makeup 4 years

4 years as a permanent makeup artist…

December 1st 2013 is where it all started! Four years ago I had my first day training for my career. Little did I know it would become my passion and source of happiness too. This journey as a permanent makeup artist has not been easy by any means however it has been wholeheartedly worth it. Combining my job and passion makes each working day a pleasure.  I am so grateful for each client, every recommendation and the support I get from those in my life. After all, this why I do what I do to make you all look and feel AMAZING!

“To be an expert one must always remain a student.” This quote is one that will always stay with me: after all, there is always a way to better yourself and gain more knowledge. I’ve always promised myself that I would be the best I could be and give my all to anything I value in my life. The beauty and especially the cosmetic tattooing industry is forever improving therefore you have to keep up to date with the biggest and best techniques.  That way I know each one of my clients is getting the highest quality work I can give them. Once I had trained in permanent makeup I went on to gain my Elite status by doing my Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum exams. Last year I then decided to do a masterclass in Ombré brows and Lips so I could learn new shading techniques in order for a seamless lip blush look and powdered brows that appear more 3D. I then decided to take my hairstroke brows to the next level so I trained in the handtool method also known as microblading. For me this was a game changer: I fell in love with the fluffy finish my brows had that made the strokes undetectable against my clients real hair. Hours and hours of practice has really enabled me to create my very own stamp on my microblading design. In 2018 I have plans to attend at least two master classes and permanent makeup conferences to again reach even higher and get that little bit closer to giving my clients the best I can give.

Ultimately the drive in all this hard work is making my clients happy.  However my personal aim is to create the most realistic looking brows. I want to produce work that is deemed perfect yet hard to believe it isn’t what my client was naturally born with. As for Lips it is mastering a way to give the most crisp lip line with completely seamless finish creating a 3D effect. It might take a whole lifetime to achieve the image I have in my head however I’m not giving up on this mission to be the best artist I can be.

It’s been a fast four years for me in this industry and I have so much more to give so I would like to say thank you so much to my support system family and friends for being there and continuing to be there through the good times and the times I had to sacrifice a lot. Thankyou to my existing and potential clients and to all my supporters that like my pictures, leave the nicest comments and recommend me to friends. I hope to see you all soon. Much love India xx

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